Happy Family

You and your spouse will be developing your own site and building a home. A wide range of decorations will make anyone a master of landscape design. Use your imagination: trees and bushes, flowerbeds and crops, fountains, paths and fences, as well as an alpine garden – this will be your dream site! A true happy family stands on its traditional patterns: the husband cutting trees, building things and protecting everyone; the wife harvesting fruit, vegetables, and herbs, feeding animals. And the kids… well, just let them play! Creating the most beautiful site and taking care of the family takes a lot of effort. Companionship helps lift up the characters’ spirits. Wife frowning? Show your appreciation – give her a kiss! Husband tired? Talk sports to him – he’ll be touched by your participation.

Visit the neighbours to take your mind off housework; you can relax and help them out, too. Start your own Happy Family and live in the countryside with its green lawns, fresh fruit, and clean air!