World Poker Club

Join the professional poker club to test your gaming skills in the world’s largest international community of poker players!

The Household

From a barn and basic crops to a true household: plants and trees, cattle and poultry, mills and stables… friends and family, too!

Evil Defenders

Evil Defenders is a fun, frenetic Tower Defense game with a bit of humor thrown in. This is the game for true fans of the genre!

Dominator: The art of winning

Real-time strategic warfare with other players: perfect your art of winning, develop, and conquer.

Happy Family

Sample the joys of family life: develop and decorate your site, make comfort and please your dear ones… befriend neighbours, too!

Diamond Slots

Experience the world of slot machines and big money, fancy cars and beautiful women – and, of course, have some grand luck!


Making citizens happy involves building houses, opening cafes, cinemas and parks, and producing wonderful sweets and dainties!



Unique new social poker tournament format!


Sberbank: bank of friends in the Household!


Solve special puzzles from Sberbank and get unique prizes!


The Russian Drift Series season is officially closed!


New point for World Poker Club on


World Poker Club offers its players to take part in a beauty contest!


A new version of your favorite Tower Defense game from the creators of Litte Bit Evil!