Little Bit Evil
Build and upgrade towers, practice magic and perfect your tactics. Evil powers are on your side in the most thrilling game in the Tower Defense genre!

The Household
From a barn and basic crops to a true household: plants and trees, cattle and poultry, mills and stables… friends and family, too!

Dominator: The art of winning
Real-time strategic warfare with other players: perfect your art of winning, develop, and conquer.

Happy Family
Sample the joys of family life: develop and decorate your site, make comfort and please your dear ones… befriend neighbours, too!

Diamond Slots
Experience the world of slot machines and big money, fancy cars and beautiful women – and, of course, have some grand luck!

Making citizens happy involves building houses, opening cafes, cinemas and parks, and producing wonderful sweets and dainties!

More happy families!
The game Happy Family is now on and My World@Mail.Ru!

Winning tactics with Crazy Panda!
The "Dominator" game is now available on!

2014 is just around the corner!
Crazy Panda wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Off to Lapland!
Another exciting new territory in The Household!

Smart Seater option in World Poker CLub.
Selecting an ideal table is so easy now!