Dominator: The art of winning

Only real men with nerves of steel can be game for this. The secret of success is in one’s talent for cold strategic calculation even in the hottest of situations.

The aim is to undertake tactical battles with the enemies (other players) in real time, selecting the type of attack, recruiting the military and gaining respect for your art of winning.

There are many things at your disposal: the base with production facilities key to successful warfare (crude oil factories, weapon manufacturing plants, etc.), warehouses to store resources, and, of course, the military buildings – barracks and plants. They service your troops, providing the necessary basis for developing a powerful, modern army equipped with cutting-edge technology.

For completing tasks (say, causing critical damage to the enemy’s troops or obtaining certain items) you will receive rewards, including units. These are the infantry and war vehicles: they will help you acquire the fame of the great Dominator.