Experience what it's like to be a mayor of a magical city. It's no easy feat: starting with a farm and a couple of basic houses, you will develop a wealthy vibrant land of wonders!

The Wonderland economy revolves around its production facilities – the farm, the mill, the mine, etc. Many goods produced are involved in further food-manufacturing: every single citizen has a sweet tooth for soufflés, cheesecakes and chocolate, and the candy factory and the bakery offer a great range of sweets and pastries!

Sure, it's not all about eating: citizens get bored without entertainment, so you'll provide parks and cafes, cinemas and snooker rooms, libraries and tennis courts. You won't have a beautiful city unless you decorate it with trees and benches, fountains and modern art.

You can sell any goods you produce in the market to raise income; inviting friends to build their own cities along also helps you progress.

By the way: citizens love holidays and exciting events, so watch out for surprises!