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Integration examples:

Sberbank of Russia ®

Objective: Informing users of the game Household in the social network VKontakte, residing on the territory of the Russian Federation, about the new service of the Sberbank of Russia — money transfer via SMS. Involving users of the game in the official community group of "Sberbank: Bank of friends" in the social network VKontakte.
Solution: In order to tell about the new service of the Sberbank in the most available form players were asked to show a "virtual generosity" and lend a small amount of money to the game's character Lesovichok (Forest man) for a trip to the county fair. To learn how to do this it was necessary to join the community group of "Sberbank: Bank of friends". In the next part of the task players solved entertaining puzzles and searched for answers to them in the "Sberbank: Bank of friends" group.
Result: More than 80,000 players solved puzzles during the quest, 74,000 new members joined "Sberbank: Bank of friends" community group.
Media company: Mosaic

Ostankino Meat Processing Plant Joint Stock Company ®

Objective: Increasing of Ostankino brand awareness among the audience of the game Household in the social network Odnoklassniki. Translation of values and philosophy of the brand via game quest for Father’s day.
Solution: Players celebrated the international Father’s Day in the Household game, participating in a promo from the manufacturer of meat products Ostankino. Users were invited to set the holiday table and treat their neighbors with meat products from Ostankino shop that they built on their Household sites. In the end of the event players could make the most delicious Daddy's sandwich and celebrate with bright fireworks!
Result: 670,000 unique users involved in the integration. 7 million items with a branded image and 2 million branded decorations on the sites of the players.
Media company: Socialist

Sunflower oil Oleyna ®

Objective: Increasing of Oleyna brand awareness among the audience of the game Household in the social network Odnoklassniki using the theme of family values with the key message: cooking for your loved ones. Attracting new members to the Oleyna community group in the network Odnoklassniki.
Solution: Players were offered a new quest in honor of Maslenitsa celebration (Butter week). Participants of the quest baked pancakes in a branded bakery, sent their Oleyna pancakes to friends and received a branded decoration for their Household sites as an award for the completion of this task.
Result: In three weeks promo coverage totaled 737,279 members. More than 9 million user contacts with the brand.
Media company: Socialist

Microsoft Internet Explorer ®

Objective: Increasing the Internet Explorer browser share.
Solution: When running the game on IE 8/9 during the integration period the user activated a special totem that protected her site from various beasts. This totem also generated experience points and facilitated a faster energy level refill. Thus, the integration had the users form desired associations with the brand name based on its key specifics: performance and reliability.
Result: 180 000 browser downloads (with the game subsequently run).
Media company: Socialist

Milka ®

A complex cross-platform project: attracting users to the Milka community as well as into the Milka Bubbles application, shaping the audience’s perception of the brand’s philosophy in a desired way.
Solution: All the users received a sequence of tasks titled “Share the tenderness”; upon completing those, the users could design a special Milka corner on their site with a purple Lila cow and some Milka Bubbles chocolate.
Result: Approx. 870 000 new community members and 930 000 downloads of the branded application on Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte networks.
Media company: Socialist

RosAtom ®

Users of the application got an incredible opportunity to learn of the unique seed treatment technology that involved electron-beam sterilization (EBS).
In order to demonstrate all of the advantages of the method we offered the players to test the difference between using pesticides and EBS, highlighting the safety and other benefits of the latter. The plants that underwent special sterilization generated greater returns – thanks to the harmful organisms being destroyed. In order to get coupons for seed treatment the player had to give correct answers to a quiz on employing nuclear energy in farming.
Result: Almost 900 000 users involved and approx. 10 000 000 answers to the quiz given.
Media company: Socialist

Svyaznoy ®

Objective: Attracting users to the brand community.
Solution: The players were offered to “connect” with one another by setting up a telephone booth by Svyaznoy on their sites. The “live in communication” concept was implemented in the game as a series of additional actions available to perform on the friends’ sites, which was very well received by the audience.
Result: over 600 000 group members in the month of active integration.
Media company: Socialist

Tic Tac ®

Objective: Having the audience meet new characters by Tic Tac, engaging them in active interaction with the brand in its community.
Solution: The players received tasks from three NPCs: Professor Tac, Round-the-Worlder Tic and Traveller Tic; each was useful in his own way. And thanks to the new edible sweets introduced to the game the users could also refresh and recover their energy.
Result: Approx. 600 000 people reached (during the 3 days of the integration), more than 400 000 new community members.
Media company: Socialist

Dirol ®

Objective: Supporting and furthering the Dirol Senses promo campaign, attracting participants by means of integration (a promo code found on packs of gum had to be entered).
Solution: Creating a unique location – the Ostrich farm – in the Household with an option to exchange promo codes from the packs for ostriches, totems and an Incas’ pyramid.
Result: Approx. 600 000 new group members, 19 617 valid promotion codes entered.
Media company: Socialist


Objective: Increasing the target audience’s product awareness (male, 18+), attracting new members to the brand community.
Solution: Integration into the most “manly” application! The users were provided with new game rooms with special designs, styled to reflect the realities of the world’s top gambling destinations: Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Macao. Besides, the players were introduced to an extraordinary dealer – the Nivea Man, who was generous with valuable advice of all sorts!
Result: 175 000 new game players, over 600 000 visitors to the special Nivea section.
Media company: Socialist

Beeline ®

The users were offered to use the “Distance calling” service by Beeline within the game, as well as find out about the advantages of the real-life service.
The whole integration was based on the concept of “thirty for the price of two”, which in reality stands for 30 calling minutes for the price of 2. The game context translated this into 2 basic actions (joining the game and installing a “Base station”) giving the players 30 free calls (i.e. friend requests).
Result: 100 000 new members in the Beeline group.
Media company: Socialist