Stellar Age

The entire space is in your device! Stellar Age is a unique game project with the endless galaxy map. There a real corporation war is taking place – join it for the dominion over the space rich territories.

PVP- and PVE-battles, technology development, mining, the unlimited fleet of military and merchant ships, ranking points, the battle for the leadership, and your own planet – everything you love so much is already waiting for you. Build a strategy, make useful contacts, and space will be home to you!


  • 1 live server for all players
  • More than 20 000 solar systems
  • Over 300 000 planets
  • Dismantling of the destroyed enemy spaceships for resources
  • Unlimited fleet size
  • 10 types of spaceships
  • 11 buildings with unique features
  • 3 space pirate factions